Munshi Ahmed is a photographer based in Singapore, which is located in the center of South East Asia. Munshi does editorial and corporate work. His work has been published in most of the major news weeklies and magazines, as well as books. He frequently travels around the South East Asian region on assignments. This site will contain some of his archives but will also showcase more recent works. The site is an ongoing work in progress. If you require images that may not be on this site yet, or if you want to engage him for assignments, please contact him at

Phone: (65)96795075
or his assistant Shireen at
Phone: (65)90072770

Have a look at the photo galleries here. Some are original projects while others are outtakes from various assignments.

For sales most of the photos here are available for purchase online. For photos not available for sale online, please contact us directly. All photos on this site are Copyrighted Munshi Ahmed.

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Munshi Ahmed
    The inaugural Singapore Air Show held in 2008. One of Asia's premier air shows for both...